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Who Is The Best Philippine Wedding Photographer

This was the first client that we met on the day of the wedding itself. They had come all the way from Singapore and had just got in a week before their wedding day. They had a suppliers meeting but we couldn’t go since we had another wedding on that day. So we talked about the flow with Ma’am Juvy, their wedding coordinator, and everything went off without a hitch. The minute we met the couple in their hotel room,  we could see they were filled with excitement. We did not have that awkward moment of initially getting to know one another, they welcomed us right away, the team was introduced to them and everything went smoothly from there on. We loved the party mood they made with some shots of tequila before the wedding rites and a lot of booze after. This was the first wedding in their group of friends and everyone was downright emotional and happy for the couple. This couple had a long relationship which started with a childhood elementary crush. Their love filled the church and we cant wait to post official photos of the magical event so you can see for yourself. For now, here’s their Opening Billboard =)

Wedding Suppliers:
Make-up Artist: Otoi Mercado
Decorations: Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Coordination: Juvy Roilo
Video Team: Marvin Barbarona
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions


Best Philippine Wedding Photographer


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