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14 Jan 2022

Alpha Tribe Rescue Mission

Alpha Tribe Rescue Mission This Alpha Tribe Advertisement is certainly something new and on top of the list of grand shoots in our books. A new experience that unfolded our creative minds even more. We are excited for the new possibilities this 2022. We didn’t think we could achieve something like this, it was unlike the shoots we’ve done in the past. Watching the video for the first time gave everyone Goosebumps. We are grateful for the opportunity given for […]

29 Oct 2021

Kevin & Demi {SDE Video}

Kevin & Demi {SDE Video} F*CK COVID Kevin and Demi didn’t want to be affected by it in anyway for their wedding. They swabbed everyone who attended and every supplier you could mention for the sake of security. They were certain their wedding wouldn’t shook, as they were certain about their love that nourish from more than a decade of being together. This couple reminded our team what it was like during the pre-covid era of weddings. This couple won […]

29 Oct 2021

Kevin & Demi {Gensan Wedding}

Kevin & Demi {Gensan Wedding} Happily, on this wedding the “best moments”could not be posted online, but only for the eyes of the couple and everyone present. In Gensan or maybe in this wedding alone is where we felt the pre covid era of weddings. Yes they only had a few wedding guest, everyone had an antigen test before the big day. It was the vibe of the tribe that dicated it all. Here is a shorter version of the […]

27 Oct 2021

Kevin & Demi {Mini Movie}

Kevin & Demi {Mini Movie} After weeks of brain storming of all the possible resources, from our typical fast paced jetski and helicopters everything was disapproved by the couple. Kevin and Demi wanted something simple and nothing fancy. Something that would show who they are and what they do. Something like this  #KEVINfoundDEMIssingPiece #EightProductions #heARTcrafted   Make-up by Noeh Jani Photo and Video by Eight Productions

09 Oct 2021

Lance & Mikee {Onsite Video}

Lance & Mikee {Onsite Video} Lance & Mikee are no strangers to our lens, as we recently shot another union in the family. The soulful connection we made with their family made this day effortless. Everyone was definitely in high spirits. This special day did not come easy for the couple since it was widely affected by different health regulations, change of venues, change of timeline, adding suppliers, and more last-minute mayhem. Thankfully with everyone’s cooperation Lance and Mikee dance […]

09 Oct 2021

Lance & Mikee {Onsite Photo}

Lance & Mikee {Onsite Photos} To say that Mikee is beautiful is an understatement. She had the inner glow and celebrity-like angles that made it easy for us to capture. Dashing Lance was a gentleman and very game with his squad. He was not camera conscious at all. He trusted our taste from the very beginning. The wedding was very intimate at the same time very emotional. Due to the pandemic regulations, the untouched decoration pictorial was just outside their […]

28 Aug 2021

Lester & Faith {Photo Onsite}

EVER AFTER Intimate wedding of Lester & Faith #FAITHfullyforLESTER #EightProductions #heARTcrafted Decorated by Noel Tanza Gown & Suit by Mark Joseph Sayad Coordinated by Lizza Taton-Bentinganan Make-up by Mj Mac Venue Big 8 Corporate Hotel Photo & Video by Eight Productions

11 Aug 2021

Karlo and Nica {Prenup Video}

#MILAGROSNIKARLO When everything is so well planned, everyone arrived on time, everyone ready to rock and roll! Buuuuuttttttt storm was ready to rock too! I was just amazed by Karlo and Nica’s determination to finish the shoot and even shoot under the rain. They were both such troopers! To the Mercado and Rabat family, from Buda to Mati, then to Lubi Plantation, we thank you for the unlimited coffee and chocolates, your kindness, and your appreciation. Love, Team Eight Productions […]