we are more than just your wedding photographers

We will take care of you before, during, and after your wedding day.
We will listen to your needs.
We will plan together so we’re all on the same page.
We will keep it simple and efficient.
We will make planning easier for you.
We will share with you what to do, what not to do, and everything else you’ve probably never ever thought of.
We will laugh with you, love with you, and sometime, even cry with you…
We will do all of the above and have fun doing it.
And when we do it right, we will exceed your expectations…
We got you.

Eight Productions are Davao City based photographers and wedding filmmakers that expanded to Manila, Boracay, Palawan and would love to see the world
We are mere storytellers bent on narrating your tale through colour, detail and light. A team of friendly and versatile individuals, we’ve ventured from the exciting landscapes of fashion to the timeless elegance of brides and grooms. Our vision is inspired by boundless creativity and imagination. We let our work speak through the fresh angles and new perspectives we seek with each story to tell.
Our common passion for photography has allowed us to traverse the peak of mountains, explore the darkest of caves and witness some of the most beautiful beaches. We seek to express the beauty of each tale for each and everyone is a unique journey to be told.


Like Fashion I think our style has evolved thru the years, but what we consistently like to keep in all our shoots is living in the moment. That’s why we like to take a lot of candid shots which has always been a favorite of our clients. Nothing beats a candid picture of just raw emotion, except maybe a Money Shot which is also a favorite!

We started in 2010 and ever since have always found ways to improve our craft.

It is highly likely we have shot a similar themed wedding, but we always make it a point to make each wedding stand out and not follow the same routine or shoot as our previous weddings.

I am always present at every Photo-shoot and have assistant Photographers, editors and other people on our team to make sure every wedding is heARTcrafted for sure!

Yes we do, we do however request that the main directing for the day is done by us as we make it a point brief our own teams on what the Bride and Groom want and we take note on everything important that is discussed on all our meeting with you and your vendors. They may shoot with us side by side but only on the candid shots.

The most important thing in a wedding between us and our clients is understanding and cooperation. We take the time to understand what you envision for your wedding and find the best ways possible to deliver. We need your cooperation and for you to know and trust that what we do, even if it isn’t or it may not be the way you would do it, is done with a purpose and for the results we know you will love. Be the happy Bride you should be on your bid day!

For standard packages we have a total of 11 people on our team and 15 for premium packages. We work very fast and efficiently so we need all the best help we can get.

Yes! Natural light is a Photographers and his client’s best friend, so including a hotel room with big windows is a real plus for the pictorial.

Yes, but don’t worry about it. Before any shoot we will guide you on any necessary equipment or props needed. We will also discuss any important details with you like what to bring, the time we need to start, outfit options etc.

A wedding organizer is completely up to you, this depends on many things like the size of your wedding to the program and location etc. In our experience a wedding Organizer is great to have around to make sure everything runs smoothly and so that you can be as relaxed as possible on your special day. We do however stress that you hire someone who is an experienced organizer because it makes a huge difference! If you choose not to hire an organizer that is fine a well, we are well experienced to handle both.

Yes! We always bring a lot of stuff just in case anything unexpected happens. For any shoot in any location we always have backup, even when we shot in the dessert, the snow and even underwater!

For our standard packages you can expect around 1000-2000 photos and for our premium packages around 3000.

Sadly we are unable to do pencil bookings as we only shoot one wedding per day.

We usually get booked a year in advance when couple begin the planning of their wedding. However, if your wedding is scheduled tomorrow and we’re available, our equipment is always packed, ready and charged after every event!

Yes, we find it very important to talk to our Brides and Grooms and discuss things before the wedding and prenuptial. Being in wedding Photography for almost a decade, we believe we have valuable input and like to guide our clients on important do’s and don’ts before the important day. We share all our relevant experience and try to help you have the easiest best day of your life.

For Standard Packages the deposit is P20,000.00. Then 50% of the total cost should be covered 6 months before the wedding, and the remaining 50% balance at least 30 days before the wedding. For Premium Packages, a deposit of P40,000.00, 50% of the total cost should be covered 6 months before the wedding, and the remaining 50% balance at least 30 days before the wedding.

We do not have payment terms, we do give a 5% discount if you pay in full upon booking or within 30 days of your wedding.

Of course! We are human after all, but we do set limitations.

Our package rates are based on all the services include minus 20%, if you would like to customize your package it would be based on the normal rate of all services. Trust us, it’s cheaper and more convenient to choose a package! We designed them specifically based on what our clients have always loved and have given options to fit various budgets.

Most certainly! Some of our favorite shoots have been while traveling within and outside the Philippines. Please follow us on Facebook and Instagram to check out our Voyager Tour schedules.

For destination shoots our clients cover airfare, accommodation, meals and other expenses needed for shooting overseas.

Yes, of course! Just give us a call, you can even upgrade anytime you need.

Yes, in fact we like to ask our clients to show us sample of what they envision and we find the ways to execute and achieve it.

If it is 6 months or less before the wedding we have a change of date fee of P50,000.00.

Immediately! Our first presentation of the wedding Photos is on your Wedding Day during the reception.  

Yes we can, we have options depending on the Package you choose. DO YOU SHOOT THE AFTER PARTY?

Yes, we don’t let anyone look less than absolutely fabulous in every photo!

Right now we use Fuji XT3 for the photo team and Sony equipment for the video team.

We provide all the Photos and files to you after the wedding, we don’t keep anything hostage!

Yes! Your ideas and references are a great start.

We shoot birthdays, debuts, corporate ads and events.

We shoot birthdays, debuts, corporate ads and events.

All our photos are shot in high resolution, they can be printed for tarpaulins along the highway and still just perfect.

Yes, all our photo shoots are saved on two separate drives and in different locations.

We apologize but once a date is reserved we cancel all other inquiries for that date which is why it is not refundable or transferable.

We provide both watermarked and non-watermarked images. =)

This is means SAME DAY EDIT. The photos we took of the wedding day preparations and everything that transpired behind the scenes is made into a nice slideshow we can show your guests during the reception. It’s a great moment to share with your guests.

This is a video presentation of video clips from before and during the wedding ceremony and reception. It gives a glimpse into the preparations and everything that went into making your Wedding spectacular.

Like the onsite video, it’s a presentation of the day’s events but the Photographs instead of videos.

The AVP is the Audio Video Presentation. It can be a combination of photos and videos and music that will be played during your reception.

The Prenup is a fun and exciting Photo-shoot before the wedding. A lot of our couples enjoy using this shoot to either show the history of their relationship or have fun and create a new storyline, almost mini movie with a whole new story!

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