1. What is your shooting style?
On a single wedding day, it’s usually a combination of both money shots (form, controlled set-up – we handle the lighting, guide the poses etc.) and candid shots (informal shots). But, we only put the money shots in our portfolio since that initially defines our style while most of our candids are placed in our albums. Our shooting style also depends on what the client is looking for, that’s why photo styles may vary.

2. What does AVP, OBB & SDE mean?

AVP – Audio Video Presentation, this is a general term on how photos or videos are presented.
OBB – Opening Billboard, this term is the same with Onsite Photo or Same Day Edit Photo. a 4-5 minute AVP that is composed of photos from preparation to reception.
SDE – Same Day Edit, this is the same with Onsite Video, an AVP that is presented towards the end of the wedding reception that would showcase the wedding event.

3. How many days before the wedding should the engagement shoot be?

The shortest we’ve ever had an engagement shoot was a day before the actual wedding, but the short span of time was stressful and we don’t want that to happen again. So for best results, we recommend shooting the engagement a month before your big day. However, if you don’t have the time or if you’re from different parts of the world, our shortest time period of at least 3 days before the wedding.

4. Do we need to feed you?

Have you ever heard of camera blur? We may use top of the line camera equipment, but that’s what happens when we get hungry hahaha. So we highly recommend you feed us and we’ll truly appreciate it. Yes, we eat packed meals and we don’t require feasting at your buffet.

5. How do you block the date?

We do not accept pencil bookings that’s for sure. A down payment of PHP 20,000 is required for you to block the date; it’s both non-refundable and non-transferable. We accept either cash or check. Check out our Instagram page here if you want to look at our out of the country schedules!  Click here.

6. For out of town weddings, what does travel expense include?

Travel expense would include airline tickets, land travel for the whole duration, accommodation and yes, food! We do not require you to treat us like kings so we fly coach, eat native, all-around cowboy style.

7. Do you provide LCD Projector?

No, we don’t since we have local suppliers for that, the reason why we don’t is in case of any on-the-day damage, or bulb lost the suppliers could immediately replace it.

8. How do you Suit-up in a wedding?

If your bridesmaids include Julie Roberts or Jessica Biel look-a-likes then we would be decked out in tuxedos, but since we’d be working we’d prefer to be more comfortable on your wedding day. We usually wear comfortable but formal clothes: black long sleeve polos, black slacks, black shoes – in short we would resemble the MIB. If we don’t wear black though, we wear something better. As Will Smith stated, “I make this look good” so don’t worry, whatever we wear, we’ll look good.



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