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Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer Philippines?

From tequila shots to tears this wedding had it all. The party mood set by the entourage put everyone in high spirits. This was the first wedding for the barkada (group of friends) and everyone got emotional when the bride walked down the aisle. To know our full post please visit their Opening Billboard HERE.

To the great couple, Thank you very much for having us on your big day. We had a blast and thanks for the tequila shots as well!


Wedding Suppliers:
Make-up Artist: Otoi Mercado
Decorations: Golden Touch by Noel Tanza
Coordination: Juvy Roilo
Video Team: Marvin Barbarona
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions

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Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer Philippines

Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer Philippines ? The one and only Eight Productions. Known for shooting luxury weddings ! Check us out! or even take a view at our IG. 

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