Adrian + Ling {Destination Surigao Prenup Photos}

Who Is the Best Wedding Photographer In Davao

Our feature for today takes us to Surigao City for the wedding of Adrian and Ling. It is the much loved destination wedding of Eight Productions for the month of May. It was a long trip from Davao to Surigao but also lovely, the ride gave us a glimpse of the picturesque landscapes of Surigao. We are at awe and in deepest gratitude when we arrived; the hospitality of our couple is beyond compare. We felt like tourists for having to try their best food and accommodation, everything is always prepared in a royalty manner and the team is also very happy for the abundance of delectable food! We arrived a day early before the wedding day because an engagement session is also scheduled for our couple. The team did the session in haste because there are a lot of stunning places to shoot at. The strategy was to bring all the clothes needed and just to have a quick change, and it worked perfectly. In just one and a half hour, we were able to capture all the things needed and also just in time for a Surigao sunset that is like no other in this world.

Surigao Wedding Suppliers:

Prenup make up: Mae Vender
Prenup stylist: Ting Catre

Surigao Wedding Location:
Preparation Almont Beach Resort
Church San Nicolas de Tolentino Parish
Reception Gateway hotel

Make-up bride: Carine Bacani (Davao)
Make-up entourage: Carine bacani
Hair: Wyndel Samuya (Davao)
Gown Debbie Co (Manila)
Shoes StellaLuna/Stacey Bendez
Grooms Suit Kenneth Cole
Shoes Kenneth Cole
Entourage Suit Rod Francisco
Invitation Posh Prints
Coordinator Danica Ferrante
Decorator Events Factory
Flowers Blossoms/Events Factory
Rings Mayfair
Cake Marys Bakeshop/Apple Catre
Host Don Gonzales (Davao)
Photo booth Face Booth
Surigao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Who Is the Best Wedding Photographer In Davao
Surigao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions


Who Is the Best Wedding Photographer In Davao !

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