Benson + June {Tagaytay Highlands Pre-Wedding Shoot}

Who Is The Best Tagaytay Wedding Photographer

A combination of great experience and fun filled shoot would define this Tagaytay Prenup Session. To start with, we would like to thank Benson and June and their family for making sure we had a great time during the trip. They served us the best steak experience for lunch and even better Chinese lauriat dinner.

The shoot was spontaneous and they wanted the photos to be relaxed and our first bride that wanted to look “normal”, but everyone knows that word is not acceptable in our team so we made an effort to make it look “normal” still with a bit of magic.

We had a blast at the Luxurious Tagaytay Highlands. Thank you once again!

Enjoy the photos!

Who Is The Best Tagaytay Wedding Photographer

One of the wedding venues in Luzon that is a great wedding destination. The question is Who Is The Best Tagaytay Wedding Photographer? Curious? Check our Instagram right now and scan more of our weddings blogs here.

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