Rommel + Tanya {Japan Engagement Photos}

It was the very first time we had a shoot in Japan and this was a wonderful unique experience that is why we really thank Rommel and Tanya for bringing us to this majestic place. We have appreciated much the culture of Japan thanks to the lovely couple. For two consecutive days of shooting, they brought us to a lot of great touristy spots in Japan that wowed us unstoppably.

We also appreciated the effort of the couple that even on the coldest point of the place and on some part of the shoot, they really tried not to wear thick clothes to warm them just to create great photos. Tanya even put heat patch under her thin summer dress just to protect her body from the cold weather. You must watch their Japan Engagement Film on our next blog post.

Ladies and gentlemen, say “Konnichiwa!” to the wonders of Japan featuring Rommel and Tanya on their Engagement Photo AVP…


Prenup Make Up: Richar Castillo
Japan Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Wedding Photographer Tagaytay
Japan Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions Wedding Photographer Tagaytay


Wedding Photographer Tagaytay 

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