Raymart + Rassel {Onsite Photo}

Wedding Photographer Rizal

It was a day filled with emotions, friendship, and happiness. Raymart and Rassel were able to walk through the aisle towards the altar with pride, faith, and devotion. In front of their family, they have shown their deepest sincerity and honesty to express their hearts to each other.

The team from Eight Productions got to know more of Raymart and Rassel throughout their most special day. It was very special because this is the very first morning wedding we had so far and had that different vibes =)

We would like to extend our deepest gratitude to Raymart and Rassel because this lovely couple was able to bring us deliver our creativity and passion while working with them. The fact that they were really proud that they got us, made us realize that we make people happy with our passion.

Best wishes to you Raymart and Rassel!!!



Next would be their Onsite Video.

Davao Wedding Details:
Location Preparation: Grand Regal Hotel
Church: Sta Ana
Reception: Grand Regal Hotel
Make-up Bride: Otoi Mercado
Coordinator: Pinktouche
Decorator: Pinktouche
Cake: Lizzies Cakes N’ Cupcakes
Host: Don Gonzales
Photo Booth: The Booth
Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Wedding Photographer Rizal 

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