Chino + Ana {Onsite Video}

Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby

“My dream wedding” – as Ana describes her special day.

Chino and Ana is very close to the heart of Eight Productions, they are different than our other couples for the reason that their wedding preparation was being discussed while playing the same sport on a Tuesday-Thursday-Sunday schedule. After numerous amounts of calories that we burnt, the spontaneity of our conversations led to the planning of their dream wedding. Eight Productions was even able to witness the planning from the minutest details of the wedding to the grandest decisions, and even having a glimpse at being pleased to have discounts from wedding suppliers. Being able to see the preparations of our lovely couple to have their dream wedding gave us a REMINDER that couples really work hard to have their once in a life time event be nearly as perfect as possible. And this reminder made us also realize the essence why we are in this industry, to preserve that essence – in the most creative way – of their very special day.
On The Wedding Day:

Preparation: The wedding preparation took place in two different locations, the Groom decided to be at the comfort of his lovely home and the Bride stayed at the Marco Polo Hotel. It was a bit different due to the distance of both locations from each other, so everything was earlier than the usual time routine for wedding preparations in Davao. Chino’s abode is really accommodating and the interior is really impeccable in design. As we enter his house, we immediately feel the rush of excitement in the atmosphere, everyone was moving around doing the preparations for the wedding with a little bit of selfies on the side and even the groom’s entourage had a share of their cheesy selfies – usually this is rarely done by the groom’s men, but it looked cool during the spur of the moment. On the other side of the preparation, the Bride was also filled with anticipation for her wedding. The Bride’s room was filled with gorgeous ladies having their make-up, hugs and kisses are also shared from every corner in the room.Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby is definitely honoured to be in this ocassion !

Wedding Ceremony – At the Church, we were astonished as we entered because for the first time in our career, every pew in the church was filled with family, friends and relatives. As the ceremony started, everyone is excited for the Bride to enter, as Ana entered and started walking in the aisle, she was shining like a diamond in her Rajo Laurel. Everyone was awe as she walks and the bride met the groom at the end of the aisle with the groom having tears on his cheek. The wedding ceremony ended with personal words of grace from the priest whom they know really well.

Wedding Reception – Davao Convention Center, the whole place was reserved for Chino and Ana’s wedding, and the entire place was filled with loved ones. The wedding decorator for their wedding reception was Floral Pink Designs (FPD) who made an outstanding job in decorating the whole place and filling it entirely with elegance and class. FPD also made an extra effort on hiring extra coordinators for this wedding to make sure that everything will be handled smoothly and perfectly. As you enter the wedding reception, one will feel glee and suddenly be turned on to party mode. Everyone is there to enjoy the union of the lovely couple, laughter and even tears were also shared. To spice it up a little bit, the couple decided to give prizes to the lucky guests who will be picked randomly, they even gave a Diamond Ring for the major prize, WOW. The night ended with over flowing drinks and everyone danced their night away!

Cheers to Chino and Ana for including Eight Productions in this grand wedding, we would like to extend our deepest gratitude for also having to shoot the Engagement Session in Bangkok, Thailand. Salamat!

Lastly, Chino and Ana had their dream wedding that they wanted. The End 🙂

Check out the onsite video only in HD!

Bangkok Prenup Details
Prenup make up Invogue Collections by Jacklyn Ruiz
Prenup stylist Bernadith Saito

Wedding Details by Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby
Preparation: Grooms House – Marco Polo
Church: St Paul Parish
Reception: Davao Convention Center (Davcon)
Make-up bride: Kata
Make-up entourage: Wyndell Samuya
Gown: Rajo Laurel
Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo
Grooms suit: Chardin
Grooms Shoes: Louis Vuitton
Invitation: Crafters Haven
Coordinator: Wendell Gartes/Floral Pink Designs
Decorator: Michelle by Floral/Pink Designs
Flowers: Wendell Gartes/Floral Pink Designs
Give aways: Coronel Family
Bridal car: Baricuatro Family
Chandeliers: Sardido Family
Rings: Dominador Reyes
Cake: Osvaldos Cake
Mobile Bar: Cocktails n Dreamsz
Host: Atty Alexis Lumbatan
Photo Booth: Fun in the Box
Sounds and Light: Invex
Band: 8 Mile
Entourage Gown: Bernadith Saito
Dessert Station: Lachis
Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions  Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby


Wedding Photographer Iloilo Nearby

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