Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Photos}

Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Photos}

General Santos – such a lovely place to shoot and every time we shoot, there is always something new.

In many weddings, the entourage shoot takes some adjusting to and you need time to get everyone comfortable with each other, the getting-to-know-one-another stage. In Jeremey and Johanna’s celebration it was delightful and fun as it was packed with cousins, aunts, uncles, and relatives. Getting everyone ready for the shoot was fun and easy! We had so many happy photos that we needed to have two songs prepared for the onsite photo. One just for the preparation, and the other for the ceremony and reception.

Heading over to the ceremony everyone was dressed to impress and had that aura of excitement and merriment. Everyone had their camera phones ready as the bride walked down the aisle and brought almost everyone to tears. With the wedding ceremony concluded, we had a little downtime which we use for editing videos. And we’ve got a lot of great onsite footage!


Gensan Wedding Suppliers:
Church: JMP Convention Center
Reception: Phela Grande Convention
Gown and Suit: Edgar Buyan
Host: Joana Grace Banting Lapore
Invitation: Popgram Printing
Make-up: Tiny Pinili
Coordinator and Decorator: Robert Dumio
Gensan Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Gensan Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

More details to follow:

View only in HD.



Wedding Photographer Gensan

That was such a very fun wedding!  C’mon watch Jeremy  + Johanna rocking it !  As Eight Productions  enjoying this festive event! We will always be here as your  Wedding Photographer Gensan. Check out Instagram for more info HERE.   Click here for our RATES.

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