JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Photos}

Tagum Based Wedding Photographer

Going to Banana Beach Hijo Plantation Tagum City and not knowing what to expect we had doubts in our mind on how to make this look good, but with the proper mindset of crafting everything to achieve that destination wedding vibe made us push our creative juice to look for new locations to the extent of having the couple rent out the speed boat which was unplanned. Banana Beach I could now say is truly one for those destination weddings, they even had the whole resort exclusive for the 80 on the guest list that came from Luzon and Taiwan, and only only a had full of VIPs from Davao. If you really wouldn’t mind the black sand, which we specifically did not include in our shots, consider this to be your next destination wedding.

We are more than excited to talk more about the couple but we would save that for the next blog so make sure you stay tuned.

Special shout out to Marco and Camille an Eight Productions couple as well who recommended us to JC and Kristine. You guys rock!

View only in HD.


Tagum Wedding Details:

Preparation: Banana Beach (bride) and plantation house (groom) hijo resorts davao
Church: n/a
Reception: Hijo resorts davao

Make-up bride: sofia sibala
Make-up entourage: sofia sibala
Gown: mel orlina
Shoes: Daphne達芙妮 Taiwan
Grooms suit: Zara
Shoes: R.E. Craftsman
Invitation: Treprints
Coordinator: 8s ur event coordination
Decorator: Master piece & events by monna fe quibuen
Engagement Ring: —
Rings: 金傳山 (Yang Jin Shan Taipei)
Give aways: n/a
Bridal car: n/a
Catering: hijo resorts davao
Cake: Happy cakes by Zeny M.
Mobile bar: Hijo resorts davao
Host: rex del rosario
Photo booth: the booth instaprint
Dessert Station: Hijo resorts davao
Tagum Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Tagum Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions

Special mention to:
Gown entourage: Tantease
Wedding officiant: Justice Edgardo Camello
Special thanks to Marco & Camille Camello for helping us through out the preparation.
Thanks to Atty. Mans Carpio, Mayor Sara and family for spending the weekend with us


Tagum Based Wedding Photographer


One of the best weddings in Tagum we ever had? Well, aside from the atmosphere full of love you should check a lot of stuffs when it comes  to Eight Productions. Our rates is HERE , for our Instagram click HERE.  

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