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24 Feb 2020

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video}

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video} I will be your constant You will never be alone I will be your home These were just a few of the beautifully spoke words at Chip and Gauxgine’s wedding. Their vows for each other sounded like a love story in its self. We usually aim for a 4-minute video, but with all the great moments, stories and words of this wedding, there were just too many and we couldn’t keep them out. Even all […]

19 Dec 2019

Junn & Abby {Onsite Video}

On any dream wedding, the couple especially the bride wants things flawless but there are circumstances that we could not control such as the weather. We expected the bride to be disappointed at some point, but Abby wasn’t a concern in any way as she is a woman of grace. The couple still managed to walk the aisle and continued the ceremony indoors and everything went as planned. From Dubai shoot to Davao wedding we would like to thank the […]

18 Dec 2019

Junn + Abby {Dubai Photoshoot}

Out of all the countries we have been to, there are only a few that we call truly A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and Dubai is definitely on top of that list! We highly suggest you visit the place. Thank you, Dubai and everyone who made this trip possible, you have been so kind! ad a great time sharing laughs and going all over town shooting together with their friends. Thank you, Dubai and everyone who made this trip possible, you have been so […]

08 Oct 2019

Jun & Ivy {Wedding Video}

On this last installment on Jun & Ivy’s wedding, we would like to thank everyone from their family and friends to the entourage that we had a great time all day long. Jun & Ivy are both incredible inside and out. Everyone was thrilled to witness this union of both families. Without further ado, we proudly share Jun and Ivy’s wedding. Please view in HD.  #IVYlongtoJUNforever #EightProductions #LuxuryWeddings #heARTcrafted Photo and Video: Eight Productions Full Coordination: Vern Events Coordination […]

28 Sep 2019

Jun & Ivy {Onsite Photo}

Jun and Ivy planned this big day for more than a year, as the wedding details reflect their warm personalities these two are really easy to be with. Our experience with them takes us back from the shoot in Korea months ago, to the simple facebook messages, and now on their big day, which made us very comfortable taking their photos. Congratulations again guys! Please view this onsite photo presentation in high definition (HD)    #IVYlongtoJUNforever #EightProductions #LuxuryWeddings #heARTcrafted […]

28 Sep 2019

Jun & Ivy {Korea Engagement Photos}

Dubai was the original plan but Jun and Ivy moved it Seoul Korea because of the Autumn season where we could see the most vibrant colors of the earth. The love birds wanted this shoot to be perfect, that they planned it so well from the basic checklist of locations, outfits, transportation. They even went to the extent of knowing what time those locations would be empty with no other tourist. We had to sacrifice on 5am call times. We […]

28 Sep 2019

Jun & Ivy {Korea Video}

Fun and spontaneous that’s how we would describe Jun and Ivy, we could remember on the Korea shoot that in between takes we saw this beautiful lake, not planned we stop for a few clicks. Luckily, we saw a speed boat that we could rent out that gave an extra spark to this shoot and yes, we had a little more fun cruising after a few takes. It was a great journey indeed and we witness how these two are […]

17 Sep 2019

Jun & Ivy {Teaser}

Shot in the most photographer friendly ambience of South #Korea. We just love everything about this =) Thank you Jun and Ivy for taking us there and making sure we had a great time.    #IVYlongtoJUNforever #KoreaPhotographer #heARTcrafted Photo and Video by Eight Productions Make-up by Malick James Hilado