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04 Aug 2018

Staurt & Analie {Onsite Video}

Stuart & Analie {Onsite Video}  Wedding Details Location: Secdea Beach Resort Coordination & Decoration: Floral Pink Spa and Salon Host: Don Gonzales Official Photo & Video: Eight Productions  

02 Aug 2018

Stuart & Analie {Engagement Photos}

Stuart & Analie {Engagement Photos} 

01 Aug 2018

Stuart & Analie {Onsite Photos}

Intimate and Lovely “Route 143” The Wedding of Stuart & Analie View onsite photos only in HD. 

30 Jul 2018
20 Jul 2018

Erning at 50 {Onsite Video}

Erning At 50 {Onsite Video} 7 years now the Borja family celebrates all their special occasions with Team Eight Productions. We just love you guys thank you again for having us! Cheers! View in HD everyone!  Suppliers: Coordinator: Kat Salud Decorator: Khim Cruz Suit: Chardin Venue: Marco Polo Photo and Video: Eight Productions

13 Jul 2018

Alex & Sheng {Onsite Video}

One of the most emotional couple we have ever met. Truly we felt the love between them. We would want to share that same experience with you through this onsite video. Please view in HD. PS Thanks Alex and Sheng we certainly had a great time with you, you guys are really easy to work with and we love everything about you from your love story to your amazing wedding. Cheers!   

12 Jul 2018

Alex & Sheng {Love Story}

They just shared their story but the emotions attached to it was just unspeakable.   

11 Jul 2018

Alex & Sheng {Los Angeles Pre-Wedding Photos}

Alex & Sheng {Los Angeles Pre-Wedding Photos} We had great locations, great outfits, great couple, but the weather was just on and off. Gladly we managed to take the best photos for each location turning every disadvantage to magical moments. Thanks again guys for preparing for this big day from renting the big van with a customized closet to the fave Portos! =) We are proud to present the rainy photos of Alex & Sheng, pls view only in HD.