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24 Feb 2020

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video}

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video} I will be your constant You will never be alone I will be your home These were just a few of the beautifully spoke words at Chip and Gauxgine’s wedding. Their vows for each other sounded like a love story in its self. We usually aim for a 4-minute video, but with all the great moments, stories and words of this wedding, there were just too many and we couldn’t keep them out. Even all […]

21 Feb 2020

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Photo}

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Photo} The rain in Eden was on and off and it was hard to gain that shooting momentum, but with such a wonderful group and an excited bride and groom, there was nothing stopping us or them. This was and still would have been the best day no matter what! Then, just when you think you have to find a way to deal with bad weather, we were blessed with radiant light right after the rain, […]

18 Feb 2020

Jes + Sen {Onsite Video}

Some of the most inspirational couples are not necessarily those who have the perfect beginnings or the most fairy tale endings, but it’s the relationships that faced almost every up and down imaginable but still found a way to make it work. This is a great example of how love for each other, love for family and love from all around them conquered all. This is the wedding of Sen and Jes. We were in awe of this whole wedding! […]

17 Feb 2020

Jes + Sen {Onsite Photo}

Arriving at the suite we surely felt the warm welcome, everyone was energetic and excited. The couple made a smart move having the entourage filled with cousins and close buddies, making it very easy to document. Most of the relatives knew the all the wedding details because they also helped out in making this dream wedding come to life. Sen & Jesmae who was naturally looking like supermodels made this wedding shoot a walk in the park. Everything was in order, everything […]

14 Feb 2020

Ogy + Camille {Onsite Video}

We shot a lot of beach weddings, and it is easily our favorite weddings to photograph. The after party and the beach vibes are just simply awesome and there is no comparison. One thing we love about this wedding is that even if we did not shoot their pre-wedding photos, we got to know more about the couple thru the priest who knew them on a personal note. So consider this as tip: Get a priest you personally know. A […]

10 Feb 2020

Ogy + Camille {Onsite Photos}

“Hakuna Matata” – It means no worries. We had drastic weather changes during the day but everything had perfect timing. 11:30AM – it was raining, so we shot the wedding details inside the villa 1:00PM – it became gloomy we took photos of the entourage outdoors 3:00PM – Mr. Sun came out in time for the ceremony inside the Chappel 5:30PM – Mr. Sun went down we had a great untouched pictorial at the reception. Nothing could be more perfect […]

08 Jan 2020

Andrew + Dahly {Onsite Video}

Everything spontaneous, everything lovely, everything blissful! Eight Productions proudly presents the wedding of Andrew and Dahly. #thenewlyWhites2020 Thank you guys for having us it has been fun, sexy, and lovely! Seeing your faces while the videos were played gave us that heartfelt hug! See you soon in Sydney! Note: For the best experience please click on the HD button then 2160P (4K resolution) #EightProductions #heARTcrafted  Wedding Details Photo and Video by Eight Productions Decorated by MillionJesus Lumbay Jr. Coordinated […]

06 Jan 2020

Andrew + Dahly {Onsite Photo}

Before the wedding, Dahly showed us the shots she wanted and we then knew how to photograph them both. Dre and Dahly are so cool that they love the camera and everyone was naturally having fun especially the lovely bridesmaids and groomsmen that came all the way from Australia. This wedding is filled with laughs and cries so make sure to check out till the last part, also please view only in HD 😊 #thenewlyWhites2020 #EightProductions #heARTcrafted  Wedding Details […]