Erwin + Keren {Prenup Photos}

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Erwin and Keren are both from Norway and prior to this pre-wedding shoot, despite the time difference and geographical location, we have been deliberately planning this with their stylist and set design artist. Preparation and set appearance is really vital in conceptual engagement sessions because it would greatly affect the outcome – it is just as similar as choosing a picturesque location. In this shoot, the team from Eight Productions decided to share a concept that we have been yearning to do and Erwin and Keren is the perfect couple for it.

Before everything else, we only knew Erwin and Keren on their Facebook Accounts and basing on their profile pictures the couple really look good together. The day of the engagement session arrived and we are all in awe when we witnessed the great set design, and even got more shocked when we our lovely couple. Erwin and Keren look like artistas and they can even compete with the present mainstream love teams. The shoot went smoothly as everything was prepared already and the couple is easy to get along with. The pre-wedding session ended with everyone being satisfied with all of their creative efforts. Now, let the presentation do the talking. Enjoy!

Davao Prenup Details
Make-up: Otoi Mercado
Hair: Wyndel Samuya
Stylist: Jill Gascon
Set Design: Swan Lake Events

Mobile Bar:  Bottoms Up



Palawan Wedding Photographer Near Me 


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