Mujid + Ayen {Engagement Photos AVP}

Muslim Wedding Photographer Philippines

It was a perfect day of adventure for Mujid and Ayen because the concept of the shoot was planned according to their active hobbies. At first, we were just having a warm up shoot but it seems like the couple were so comfortable and happy with each other that made us create amazing candid shots out of their “kilig” moments.

On our way to the venue, it was a bit late for us to run through the sunrise that is why we pulled over along the road and shoot it. We were glad that we made it possible.

Showing you the Before and After of the photo while chasing the sunrise along the road.

We thank Mujid and Ayen for being such a wonderful couple. We didn’t have any difficulties in making amazing photos out of them. They really took care of us and they were very generous especially when it comes to the food.

Meanwhile, here is the adventure of Mujid and Ayen on their Engagement Photos.

Wait for their breathtaking Engagement Video here on our blog very soon…


Prenup Make Up: Deniece Kamid

Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Muslim Wedding Photographer Philippines
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions  Muslim Wedding Photographer Philippines

Muslim Wedding Photographer Philippines

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