Mrs. EM {Maternity Shoot}

Mrs. EM {Maternity Shoot}

Eight Productions –– “Home of the Sexiest Brides”. This was our tag line during the recent bridal fair, where we were received with mixed reactions. A lot came and decided we were the one for them. Thank you for trusting us! Others, however, believed they weren’t sexy enough and walked on by. We say the word “Sexy” not as a pre-requirement, but with the pure belief that every single lady, regardless of body type OR size, is and CAN be sexy.

We define “Sexy” by a lady’s ATTITUDE and not by one’s curves. Confidence is key and this is what Eight Productions aims to help the bride achieve and portray –– confidence in herself and who she is as a woman.

With our formula, chemistry, experience and environment of comfort and security, achieving this is a walk in the park.

Case in point –– introducing to the world “Ms. EM”. She is 7 months pregnant with the attitude that exemplifies “Sexy”.

We did not have any prior discussions with Ms. Em, all we knew was to prepare for a maternity shoot and to drive the point that everyone can be sexy –– if they allow themselves the confidence to believe it.

Here are the results –– you be the judge 🙂

maternity lifestyle photographer-4

maternity lifestyle photographer-8

maternity lifestyle photographer-9

maternity lifestyle photographer-12

maternity lifestyle photographer-13

maternity lifestyle photographer-10

maternity lifestyle photographer-11

maternity lifestyle photographer-7

maternity lifestyle photographer-14

maternity lifestyle photographer-20a

maternity lifestyle photographer-15

maternity lifestyle photographer-18

maternity lifestyle photographer-16

maternity lifestyle photographer-31

And yes Eight Productions is not all about “sexiness” here are some photos from the other set =)

maternity lifestyle photographer-28 copy

maternity lifestyle photographer-2

maternity lifestyle photographer-27

maternity lifestyle photographer

maternity lifestyle photographer-22

maternity lifestyle photographer-24

maternity lifestyle photographer-26

maternity lifestyle photographer-25

maternity lifestyle photographer-30

We end this post with a BIG SMILE =)

Make-up: Wyndell Samuya
Set Design and Styling: Swan Lake Events

 Maternity Photographer Davao

The awesome team of Maternity Photographer Davao   is led by Eight Productions. Who would not love to work with our guys? We are fun and hip! Get awesome quote right now and feel free to make a conversation with us on messenger

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