Jhong + Mimi {Same Day Edit Wedding Video}

Manila Best Wedding Photographer

The simplicity and elegance continue to rise up as Jhong and Mimi make way towards the beginning of their forever. The joy that was spreading all over their crowd amazed us and the lovely couple were really excited to what’s going to happen on their very momentous event. Their families and friends were all ready as well to witness and be part of this romantic union.

The weather participated so much to make the wedding ceremony more memorable. The couple was so blessed with people who love them because they really gave time to be with Jhong and Mimi to celebrate their love and togetherness.

We thank the couple for being such a wonderful blessing to us. They helped us made a different flavor to our skills and their cooperation made the whole shooting time really comfortable for us. That is why we came up to a wonderful outcome that is something to be bragged of.

Here’s Jhong and Mimi’s Wedding Onsite Video…

Watch in Full HD only!


Preparation: Marco Polo Davao
Ceremony: The View Davao
Reception: The View Davao

Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Manila Best Wedding Photographer
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions Manila Best Wedding Photographer’

Manila Best Wedding Photographer

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