Chino + Ana {Bangkok Prenup}

Luxurious Wedding Photographer Bangkok

Thailand, Bangkok is the location of the elegant engagement session of Chino and Ana. Aside from the purpose of being there, the shoot became like a “Barkada Trip” that included shopping all over the place and eating the best food and tasting the native spices the city has to offer. The couple made it sure that the team had the greatest experience of our lives while in Bangkok, from the luxurious hotels we stayed in with impeccable view of the city by the window and to the most delectable restaurants we dined in, the entire session was well planned out each day. Working with Chino and Ana, everywhere we go was filled with glee. In the course of the shoot, the team is amazed with the culture and majestic architecture of the structures in Bangkok. Shooting in the streets and outskirts of Bangkok also gave #TeamBKK a different experience that we will truly remember. Shooting in Bangkok and their beautiful history and culture made the engagement session of Chino and Ana worth every memory.

Hooray for #TeamBKK

team bangkok photography team

Enjoy the photos!

Thank you Chino and Ana for the fun filled trip and side trips =)

Prenup Make Up: Invogue Collections by Jacklyn Ruiz
Prenup Stylist: Bernadith Saito
Assisted by: TituShuz & Timoy

Luxurious Wedding Photographer Bangkok  

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