Kelvin + Joanna {Onsite Video}

Kelvin + Joanna {Onsite Video}

Its super hard to write a blog in the middle of a wedding “battle”. Battle as defined to be one wedding a day and EVERY day (always on a December season) topped up with the typical combination of the Davao Wedding venue of Marco Polo (for preparations) – Sta. Ana Parish (for Church) – Marco Polo or Davcon (for reception).

This wedding was different (special in the same sense) since it was a Chaos in the start, but Memorable and Luxurious in the end.

As we entered the Presidential Suite it was like a backstage of a fashion show where you see around a finger count of top-notch makeup artist and more than 10 beautiful ladies, lots of bags around, food everywhere, and many more things to define Chaos. On the second floor of the suite was the lovely Joanna dolled by no Davey Marquez (who did great for the 2 looks we did) the bride who had the wedding glow and the game face on ready for some glamour shots and to give credit on her fabulous gown by Maizy Colleen – a special mention since even I, a guy who shoots weddings for a living was amazed.

On the groom’s side it was also chaotic at first but when everyone was all suited up they were ready to rock and roll! Kelvin the groom, a natural dapper bloke armed with that heart-stopping Australian accent made sure his vow was just done right. He was quite at first thinking hard about how he could compose himself but was also game on when surrounded by his groomsmen. It was clearly the day he was waiting for.

Going to the ceremony we didn’t expect to see lots of tears since during the wedding preparations everyone was really jolly especially the bridesmaids who had loads of laughter during the shoot. It was a heartfelt ceremony for the family. The personally knew the priest with made it even more personal when they were allowed to say their vows publicly.

Now on the last part the reception again it was chaotic even on the parking space, but when we entered the ballroom it was so luxurious thanks to the creativity of Khim Cruz if you have the budget you should definitely talk to her. I would be speaking much but just check out these photos on how great the reception was.

Again it was chaos at the start, but Memorable and Luxurious in the end.

We would like to thank the couple for having us on the best day of their life, and to the Yamuta family for having our team the second time around. Cheers everyone!

Maizy Colleen Gown and Khim Cruz Decorations.

A night filled with grandeur and fabulous people. A dream wedding indeed. A night to remember. View only in HD.

Onsite Video

View only in HD.

Wedding Details:
Photo & Video: Eight Productions
Preparation and Reception: Marco Polo Davao
Church: Sta Ana Parish
Make-up: Davey Marquez
Gown: Maizy Colleen
Coordinator: Juvy Roilo
Decorations: Khim Cruz



Luxurious Davao Wedding Photographer

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Luxurious Davao Wedding Photographer

Luxurious Davao Wedding Photographer

Luxurious Davao Wedding Photographer

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