Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Video}

Jeremy and Johanna | Gensan Wedding {Onsite Video}

Some say that love is foretold and that no matter how far, you are destined for each other. In this case, they met quite early.

This is “Love At First Grade”

They were classmates in First Grade, then life went on as usual. About 3 decades later they met just to find out they had been each other’s crushes all those 3 decades ago! It just amazing how destiny nudged them into each other’s lives in just the right direction so that they would meet again and start a new chapter in their lives.

About the wedding just click HD and watch how amazingly their married life would start.


PS. On this last blog post we would like to sincerely thank the Ramos and King family for having us in the most highlighted event of their lives. We are truly blessed.

Gensan Wedding Suppliers:
Church: JMP Convention Center
Reception: Phela Grande Convention
Gown and Suit: Edgar Buyan
Host: Joana Grace Banting Lapore
Invitation: Popgram Printing
Make-up: Tiny Pinili
Coordinator and Decorator: Robert Dumio
Gensan Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions
Gensan Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions


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