Mujid + Ayen {Engagement Video}

Islam Wedding Photographer Ph

Road Trip. Bikes. Surfboards. Beach. Mountain. Love.

It was a great adventure not just for Mujid and Ayen but also for the whole team. Climbing the mountain was very challenging for all of us especially we also have things to carry with. It took us a bit while to reach its top but when we arrived there, the view was really awe-inspiring.

Indeed it was a tiring adventure but the shoot was really worth it. We took advantage of the top view, ended up taking great aerial clips.

Here is the breathtaking Engagement Video of Mujid and Ayen…

Please watch in Full HD only!



Prenup Make Up: Deniece Kamid

Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions  Islam Wedding Photographer Ph
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions  Islam Wedding Photographer Ph


Islam Wedding Photographer Ph

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