Jhazmin Now Legal {Fashion Shoot BTS}

Jhazmin Now Legal {Fashion Shoot BTS}

This was the time that we got to know more about Jhazmin. Before the shoot, we had several meetings and constant communication about the things that she wanted for her predebut session. And everything ended up so fabulous.

Jhazmin is really a living Barbie! Once she was up on her game, it was indeed a rock and roll shooting spree. She was really easy to direct and really knew what we need from her during the shoot. We were also teasing her when we found out the she even memorized her facial expressions on the camera because she often practice the looks infront of the mirror.

Here is our gorgeous debutante, Jhazmin on her Predebut Fashion Shoot with the twist of Behind-TheScenes…

Stay tuned for her stunning Debut Onsite Video…


Predebut HMUA: Otoi Mercado and Wyndell Samuya
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions Iloilo Based Debut Photographer
Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions Iloilo Based Debut Photographer

Iloilo Based Debut Photographer

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