Glenn + Verna {Post Wedding Video}

Glenn + Verna {Post Wedding Video}


This video was a challenge, but we love challenges! So how do you make a video feel like a wedding video, but without the entourage and family and wedding guests?

This how – You have an awesome couple who are break down all their walls, show raw emoting and who are just being real.

Our biggest asset in this video shoot wasn’t the scenery or the weather, our cameras or skills, it was our couple. During our meeting with the Bride, she mentioned that she wanted something like a sonnet in the video. That’s when it hit us! We asked what their vows were during their wedding, but they weren’t able to do that because they had a simple wedding followed by a family dinner. So we asked them to write down their vows as they would if it was for their wedding day. With no one there to watch them say it, just words of love and commitment to each other they were pouring their hearts out to each other. This is what made a post-wedding photo-shoot with no family, entourage or guests feel like a whole wedding. Everyone there, from the stylist to the makeup artist and all of our staff felt the love. We can truly say it was “THE VOW”

Our team would sincerely want to thank Glenn and Verna for making sure we had a great time with them, from the food, to the great conversation, to the funny behind the scenes moments – you guys rock!

PS thank you for the gift! We love you guys!

Buda Post Weddding Details:
Make-up: Arnel Acsion
Styling: Pinktouche
Davao Photographer: Eight Productions best davao wedding photographer
Davao Videographer: Eight Productions  best davao wedding photographer



best davao wedding photographer

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