Jhong + Mimi {Onsite Photo}

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It was a blessed day for Jhong and Mimi for having the people who love them and for having a perfect weather on their very special day. They even tried to check the forecast the day before the wedding because the ceremony will be holding on the outdoors.

The entire wedding was became worry-free about the weather and just filled with elegance and happiness. You can also see the excitement on the face of the people who attended this momentous event of Jhong and Mimi.

We thank the lovely couple for both such a darling for us. They were so approachable and really cool to everything that we ask them to do in order to have a perfect outcome of their photos and wedding films.

Ladies and gentlemen, here is the premier viewing of Jhong and Mimi’s Onsite Wedding Photos AVP…



Preparation: Marco Polo Davao
Ceremony: The View Davao
Reception: The View Davao

Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions   Fashion Photographer  Manila
Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions   Fashion Photographer  Manila



Fashion Photographer  Manila

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