JHAZMIN 18 {Trailer}

Debut Photographer Davao

“A Moment To Remember” Showing July 22, 2017

Starring: Jhazmin Audrey Tan Yamuta

Watch out for her dazzling Debut Onsite Photos on our next attraction…

View only in Full HD!


Predebut HMUA: Otoi Mercado and Wyndell Samuya
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions  Debut Photographer Davao
Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions  Debut Photographer Davao


Debut Photographer Davao

Awesomness and more awesomeness! This is what debut should be like , it’s a legit pre debut anyway?  So for our Instagram portfolio, just click HERE and don’t forget to request RATES here. Eight Productions is a wedding and films photography company focusing capturing great moments! We have been in the industry for 4 straight years and we have been improving our passion for editorial style debut shoot like this in the portfolio.  

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