Lester + April {New Zealand Post Wedding Photos}

Davao Wedding Photos

Davao Wedding Photos


Being a Photographer is a perk in itself. You get to do something you love and are passionate about, you see people at their happiest times like getting married and celebrating great milestones, and you also see love everywhere you look. Then there are the perks you didn’t think would ever happen, and next thing you know you’re in New Zealand! Not only are you travelling to all the best places, taking pictures on the most scenic route and doing what you absolutely love, but you’re getting paid too! How is that not the sweetest deal ever?!

Describing New Zealand is hard, it’s not just a tourist destination but it’s like walking through different canvases by different artists in a studio made by God. Everything took our breaths away, even the helicopter ride. If you have a travel bucket list, New Zealand just has to be on it. Then, the most epic first time experience of going sky diving! That was one for the books! But what was the most memorable experience we had? Or was it the shoot? The food? Not at all.

The best thing by far was a bigger family, because that what we all became. Travelling from south to north, sleeping in different hotels every night, we were certified back packers. What kept us going was the great conversations we had, from serious talks to just loads of good times and laughs. We only shoot an hour to two hours a day since the next locations would be a town away. It was like we were on an extravagant “barkada outing” rather than a shoot. We know the couple well but it was our first being around and getting time to know Lester’s cool family and it was certainly a pleasure. The transition from getting to know each other to the feeling of being really good friends since forever was very short! This was our 2017 highlight and we could not thank them enough. Now let the photos do the talking!

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