Junn & Abby {Onsite Video}

On any dream wedding, the couple especially the bride wants things flawless but there are circumstances that we could not control such as the weather.

We expected the bride to be disappointed at some point, but Abby wasn’t a concern in any way as she is a woman of grace.

The couple still managed to walk the aisle and continued the ceremony indoors and everything went as planned.

From Dubai shoot to Davao wedding we would like to thank the couple for having us and being great on their wedding day.

Thank you!

Please view in HD


Davao wedding details:

Photo and Video: Eight Productions
Organizer : EJH Events by Leni Hernandez
OTD: Vanessa,Sarah and Joan
Hmua: Shamcey
Lights and Confetti: Audio Man
Sounds and Crawling Fog : SYZ
Host : Jet Trinidad
Spinner : Vert Fernandez
Cake: Marilie Pabiran
Cocktails : EJH
Photobooth: EJH
Projector: Kent Photography
Mobile bar: Drink Moderately Mobile Bar

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