Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video}

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video}

I will be your constant
You will never be alone
I will be your home

These were just a few of the beautifully spoke words at Chip and Gauxgine’s wedding. Their vows for each other sounded like a love story in its self.

We usually aim for a 4-minute video, but with all the great moments, stories and words of this wedding, there were just too many and we couldn’t keep them out. Even all their moments with the entourage were so natural and funny we couldn’t decide which ones to add in the video. Even the priest had such inspiring words. “Learn the dance, look to the positive side, always put love in your marriage”

“And if we keep holding on to each other as fiercely as when we first became us, this day will truly be the day we begin” – Chip Canonigo

Please watch with the volume up, in HD (4K) and with a box of tissues handy.


Davao Wedding Supplier:
▪️Coordination: Katrine Salud-Sarmiento of Event Essentials Davao
▪️Invitations: Red Agreda of the August Portfolio
▪️Photography/Videography: Eight Espino of Eight Productions
▪️HMUA: Kata Gallenito et al
▪️Couturier: Edsel Balofinos of Estilon Fashion Atelier
▪️Bridal and entourage robes: Frances Tendencia
▪️Venue: Shiela Michelle Nataño of Eden Nature Park and Resort
▪️Flowers and decors: Noel Tanza of Golden Touch
▪️Cake: Honey Loyola of Honeys and Cakes
▪️Host: Atty. Resci Rizada
▪️Band: Dilemma
▪️Souvenirs: Fun in the Box Photobooth for photo magnets, Grovil Woodcraft for boxes and crates, Croft Bulk Foods for bottled giveaways, Soap Cakery for natural soap bars
▪️Lights: Metro Beat Sound Concepts
▪️LCD Projector: Kent Photography
▪️Mobile Bar: Cocktails and Dreams



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