Ogy + Camille {Onsite Video}

We shot a lot of beach weddings, and it is easily our favorite weddings to photograph. The after party and the beach vibes are just simply awesome and there is no comparison.

One thing we love about this wedding is that even if we did not shoot their pre-wedding photos, we got to know more about the couple thru the priest who knew them on a personal note. So consider this as tip: Get a priest you personally know.

A lot of things could be learned from this wedding, next would be the proper use of “Chill lang”, other couples would say we want a “chill lang” wedding but we want this, this, and that. Ogy and Camille really achieve that “Chill lang” status as they simply said something “We really wanted a chill lang wedding, kayo na bahala”.

If we would be stating more about this wedding we would be consuming your lovely evening. So we would stop here and make you watch in 4K resolution

Again, to Ogy and Camille, it has been our honor to have documented the best day of your lives. Thank you. A big thanks as well to the entourage, to the family, and to everyone who was part of this wedding.



It was nice working with:
Maizy Colleen (Gown)
Noeh Jani (Make-up)
Juvy Roilo (Coordinator)
Veejay Salonga (Decorator)
Rod Rodriguez (Host)
Pearl Farm Beach Resort

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