Ogy + Camille {Onsite Photos}

“Hakuna Matata” – It means no worries.

We had drastic weather changes during the day but everything had perfect timing.

11:30AM – it was raining, so we shot the wedding details inside the villa
1:00PM – it became gloomy we took photos of the entourage outdoors
3:00PM – Mr. Sun came out in time for the ceremony inside the Chappel 5:30PM – Mr. Sun went down we had a great untouched pictorial at the reception.

Nothing could be more perfect in this God-given day.

The thing that we really appreciated the most was the couple and everyone in the villas because the vibe was just pure excitement even if it was raining in the morning and they knew the reception would be outdoors.

Ogy and Camille wanted things to naturally fall into place. They both had that wedding glow, that made our documentation a lot easier. It was magical from sun up to sun down! 

It’s always nice working with these bunch I would like to applaud the following:

Maizy Colleen for the lovely gown and yes she was there personally!
Noeh Jani always “naturally” incredible make-up and for finishing on time 
Juvy Roilo had the most stressful role of thinking the Plan A – B and C hahaha but she always manages well, hashtag #swabe !
Pearl Farm Beach Resort for making sure suppliers’ meal was abundant (buffet style dinner) and everything was convenient for everyone!
Veejay Salonga that made was instagramable!
Rod Rodriguez who got me confuse if he was hosting or if he was just part of the guest! he knew everyone 
DJ Torch who made sure the crowd was partying till dawn!



Please view in HD, songs used are personally chosen by the couple 


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