Jes + Sen {Onsite Photo}

Arriving at the suite we surely felt the warm welcome, everyone was energetic and excited. The couple made a smart move having the entourage filled with cousins and close buddies, making it very easy to document. Most of the relatives knew the all the wedding details because they also helped out in making this dream wedding come to life.

Sen & Jesmae who was naturally looking like supermodels made this wedding shoot a walk in the park. Everything was in order, everything was just right, there is no plot twist on this write-up since everything just went well.

This wedding was made magical by the hands of MillionJesus Lumbay Jr. who decorated the huge open area and made it into one of his masterpiece. Together with the help of Team Limitless who coordinated the flow and made it seamless.

Thank you to Sen & Jes for just being ecstatic on this special event, we truly felt your love and warmth. A special shout out to Tita Lynn for taking the extra mile to ensure everything goes well this day.


Enjoy this onsite photo in HD 

Wedding Suppliers list

Gown: Erwin Lee Tan
Make-up: Lorie Ann Porras
Decorator: MillionJesus Lumbay Jr.
Coordinator: Limitless Event and Catering Services
Locale: Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao
Photo & Video Team Iloilo: ArtPlay Photo
Photo & Video Team Davao: Eight Productions


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