Marris XVIII {Pre-Debut Photos}

Planning stage – Marris showed us her Pinterest board and told us she wanted something classical. So we considered shooting in Korea or Japan, but when she knew about Temple Of Leah in Cebu it was a clear green light.

On the day of the shoot – Marris was relaxed and very easy to work with she wasn’t conscious, she didn’t even look at the photos up until we showed it to her.

Editing – we shot most of the photos in landscape mode but during our pre-production meeting for the debut, we agreed to have a very unique LED wall that would be in portrait orientation. Great for millennials =)

Our overall experience was made is easy with the help of our Cebuano friends who did the make-up, booking, budgeting, and styling.

Photo and Video by Eight Productions
Make-up by Rizza Cincoflores (Cebu)
Styling by Geof Lagria (Cebu)

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