Jeremy and Johanna {Pre-Wedding Photos}

Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and Johanna, known to most of their friends as Mimi and Hannah planned on having their pre wedding shoot in General Santos City, but considering a lot of their guess were coming from their home town they decided to have their pre wedding shoot in Davao City.

The concept of the wedding shoot was both indoor and outdoor. The indoor shoot was done at The Concept Studio by Cheeky. This was a fun shoot with a great set! The outdoor shoot however was different, that was a shoot full of passion and elegance, romance and grace. Candles everywhere, love in the air, it was unforgettable!

During the outdoor shoot we caught them running around the field and we saw just how happy they are with one another, those genuine moments took our breath away, a truly beautiful couple in awe of each other while we were in awe of them.

The word “Love” was truly present.

View only in HD.

Davao Pre Wedding Details:
Make-up: Davey Marquez
Set Design: Concept Studio By The Cheeky Stylist
Davao Photographer: Eight Productions Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer
Davao Videographer: Eight Productions Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer


Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer

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