Ching & Yun {Boracay Pre Wedding Photos}

Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer

Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer


Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer? Boracay has been one of our most visited places for wedding and prenups because of just how beautiful the island is. So we’ve gone around the island a few times and know where a lot of the awesome photoshoot spots are!

Ching and Yun, a Chinese couple from Brunei, heard so much about this island and they fell in love with it and decided to have it for their Pre-wedding destination! Check out more pictures here in our  Facebook page HERE.

We always start our day of shooting with excitement and great enthusiasm, this day was unfortunately a little different. On the start of the shoot we were informed by the resort that we are not allowed to do that there even though they had confirmed it was okay when we initially called them up! So while waiting for all the confirmations from here and there, we just took a lot of paparazzi kind of shots, which was still lots of fun! Then when we were done we just left!

So here’s a new tip: make sure you have WRITTEN consent to shoot before you actually do book that room.

We brushed off the negative vibes and moved on to our next location, and from then on it was like nature was apologizing on behalf of that hotel! The weather was perfect, the sea was beautiful, even the clouds seemed to stay put in the most perfect position just for this shoot. Bliss from the couple made our shoot most worthwhile and feeling and their love was what completed that day.

We would like to thank Ching and Yun for having us in Boracay to shoot their pre wedding and we had a lot of laughs!

Congratulation on your big day! It was so nice to get to know you guys! Cheers! Want to experience  Crazy Rich Asians Boracay Wedding Photographer ? Get a quote here at Eight Productions  , visit HERE.



Are you a crazy rich Asians fan? Well, this couple from Asia (China) has decided to go through a photoshoot in Boracay because they were super impressed with the beautiful scenery and nature of this place. We gave this couple a phenomenal pre-wedding photoshoot just like they needed. Due to the little issue we were quite set a back but when the nature was in our favor, it seemed like nothing could really stop or get in the way of this couple from having that perfectly admiring pre-wedding photoshoot in Boracay. Make sure to educate yourself of your pre-wedding photoshoot.


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