Angel XIII {El Nido Trailer}

Best Puerto Princesa Wedding Photographer

Best Puerto Princesa Wedding Photographer 


This was both an exciting and proud moment to shoot an El Nido Pre-Debut Video that would showcase the beauty of the Philippines with a ladylike Angel.

We had a one day to pull off this flawless shot transferring from one island to another. Luckily it wasn’t at all difficult to find places as El Nido has lots of great scenic views to offer and we had a great day shooting.For our rates you can check it HERE , you want to see more instagrammable photos? Visit our Instagram in this LINK.

This is just the first of many videos you will be seeing for Angel’s debut so make sure to stay tuned.

Pre-Debut Details:
Pre-debut make up: Ruzzel Mendoza
Pre-debut stylist: Ruzzel Mendoza
Location: El Nido Palawan
El Nido Photographer : Eight Productions
El Nido Videographer : Eight Productions

Debut Details:
Debut Location: Marco Polo Davao
Make-up: Davey Marquez
Gown: EJ Relampagos / Love & Styles Bohol
Shoes: NINA New York
Decorator: Floral Pink Designs (FPD)
Coordinator: FPD
Catering: Marco Polo
Host: Brandy Fuentes
Special mention to any: Sponsor! Cake Lou Neria Putian & Lorena Barangan
Butterflies: Norayda mariano & josephine lague
Giveaways: Karen Satoh
Connie Macarasig
Mindy Mcrichardson
Mr & Mrs Charisse Jeminez
El Nido Photographer / Davao Photographer: Eight Productions / Best Puerto Princesa Wedding Photographer
El Nido Videographer / Davao Videographer: Eight Productions /Best Puerto Princesa Wedding Photographer

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