Angel XIII {El Nido Photos}

Best Coron Wedding Photographer

Best Coron Wedding Photographer

In the beginning when we were starting off with photography, we got models for fun photo shoots and this is where we learned the basics. Then one day we got into the wedding industry and debut celebrations came with it. During our shoot in El Nido it brought us back to those great memories of shooting models that knew know how to pose, walk, smile and stare into the camera. It was such an easy shoot because we didn’t really have to direct Angel and she knows how to love the camera. She was a natural, it got to a point where we completely forgot we were shooting a debutant! It really felt like we were with a professional model. We really had a great time producing powerful images with the combination of a beautiful subject and scenic backgrounds the best that El Nido could offer.

It’s a given that Angel is a stunning lady, but what we loved the most is seeing her natural and raw beauty. No make-up and no fancy clothes, Angel radiated the beauty not only during the shoots but even when we watched her take care of her younger brother. She was the one who fed him, put him to sleep on her lap and you could she simply loved caring for him. Her personality and beauty combined made her “Angel”. For more back stage access kindly click HERE.

We would like to applaud Angle’s mom Adhel for raising such a lady. Also to the whole El Nido Crew who was with us that day. Thank you. Get a quote with our services  HERE. 

View only in HD.

Pre-Debut Details:
Pre-debut make up: Ruzzel Mendoza
Pre-debut stylist: Ruzzel Mendoza
Location: El Nido Palawan
El Nido Photographer : Eight Productions  Best Coron Wedding Photographer
El Nido Videographer : Eight Productions Best Coron Wedding Photographer

Debut Details:
Debut Location: Marco Polo Davao
Make-up: Davey Marquez
Gown: EJ Relampagos / Love & Styles Bohol
Shoes: NINA New York
Decorator: Floral Pink Designs (FPD)
Coordinator: FPD
Catering: Marco Polo
Host: Brandy Fuentes
Special mention to any: Sponsor! Cake Lou Neria Putian & Lorena Barangan
Butterflies: Norayda mariano & josephine lague
Giveaways: Karen Satoh
Connie Macarasig
Mindy Mcrichardson
Mr & Mrs Charisse Jeminez
El Nido Photographer / Davao Photographer: Eight Productions
El Nido Videographer / Davao Videographer: Eight Productions

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