James + Mildred {Boracay Pre Wedding Photos}

awesome boracay wedding photographer


Awesome Boracay Wedding Photographer


Awesome boracay wedding photographer? We love shooting in Boracay, what’s not to love there? The beautiful beaches, the scenic rock formations, the gorgeous sand and a huge plus is it’s a party every night. Then we met James and Mildred, this couple wanted adventure. Instead of the usual, they wanted to get on jet skis and go parasailing, it was so much fun! Check out our Facebook page HERE for more awesome photos in Boracay.
Keep in mind, whenever you want to so a shoot in Boracay, always make sure your hotel or Resort allows pre-wedding shoots. It’s a big plus when shooting around the amenities and inside the rooms is allowed.
What we also loved about this couple was they were there for the shoot and were ready to take on the challenge! It’s hard to focus on a photo-shoot if you just want to enjoy Boracay and be on vacation, but James and Mildred meant business and with their awesome couple outfits got their poses on. After the shoot, then it was vacation time! You want to experience  an awesome boracay wedding photographer ?  Fill out the form HERE  right now!


Our team would like to thank this couple for bringing us along on their great adventure!

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