KI + Cecilia | Boracay Pre-Wedding Photos

Affordable Boracay Wedding Photographer

Affordable Boracay Wedding Photographer

Affordable boracay wedding photographer? We are giving you more than that.To KI and Cecilia, congratulations on your wedding, it’s indeed trusting Eight Productions as one of the premier wedding photographer in Boracay & the affordable boracay wedding photographer enjoyed your enthusiasm!

This couple, who has been together for nearly a decade, finally decided to tie the knot in Singapore. In honor of the decade of love and happiness let’s do a quick recap on their Pre-Wedding shoot in the island of Boracay, Philippines.Check out our other weddings in our Facebook page.  

KI and Cecilia chose Boracay as their pre-wedding destination for its beautiful white sand beach stretches and awesome locations. During the shoot there were no awkward moments because the couple and their cool photographers (yes, that’s us and this is our blog! lol) had a great bonding session before hand. So when the sun broke the horizon everybody was already well acquainted. They were easily one of the coolest couples we have had the pleasure of working with.  Affordable boracay wedding photographer or not? We are just here to enjoy our passion! Got it?  You can also request a quote here in this LINK.

This was a short two day shoot that felt more like a week vacation since we didn’t run into any issues or problems. We would like to thank our lovely hosts for treating us kindly and being awesome friends! Boracay weddings will always have a special place for super fun prenup shoots in Boracay!  We are glad to be part of it and we will see you soon on our next blog!  Click!

Cheers to your wedding day!!!!

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KI and Cecilia were one of the most comforting couples we have worked with and we have enjoyed working with them as much as they did with us. They decided to choose Boracay for their wedding photography location for a reason, or let’s say many reasons! That included the beautiful scenery when the sun sets and lights the night sky with beautiful colors. The session of photography was easily managed with the help of our experts and photographers who made sure everything was ready, on time and perfect for the couple.  Check out this article to learn more about photography in Boracay.



If you would like to know how it was done view their BTS here =)


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