Jhazmin Now Legal {Debut Onsite Video}

Davao Based Debut Photographer

Jhazmin was indeed a gorgeous lady with a kind heart. We were able to know her more from her predebut session up to her big day and we can say that aside from being lovely, she is really beautiful inside and out. She has proven to everyone that at the earliest stage of her life, she is already a true winner.

We were grateful for having Jhazmin as our adorable client, as well as her family for taking good care of us and for treating us the best. They even prepared our sumptuous dinner at the Café Uno. It was really an amazing experience that we will treasure.

Ladies and gentlemen, we give you the radiant and glowing Jhazmin as she start to embrace womanhood on her Debut Onsite Video…

Watch in Full HD only!


Davao Debut Suppliers:
Venue: Waterfront Insular Hotel
Coordinator: Rich Jullian Events & Planning
Predeb HMUA: Otoi Mercado and Wyndell Samuya
HMUA (On the Day): Otoi Mercado
Gown: Erwin Lee Tan and Mark Sayad
Catering: Waterfront Insular Hotel and EMS Pasta and Rolls
Cake: Sugarflow
Mobile Bar: RJ Bangkil
Host: Rod Rodriguez
Photobooth: Funpix
Davao Debut Photographer: Eight Productions  Davao Based Debut Photographer
Davao Debut Videographer: Eight Productions   Davao Based Debut Photographer


 Davao Based Debut Photographer

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