JM + Sherill {Stop Motion Prenup Video}

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A year ago, JM and Sherill made it certain to have Eight Productions on their wedding day. The couple then decided to have a stop-motion pre-wedding video. Sherill, the bride, did most of the planning, from the selection of the song, timing and even made all the props necessary for the shoot. On the day of the shoot, it was obvious that JM and Sherill were prepared and ready for the making of the stop-motion video. Unfortunately, the city has been experiencing random brownout and our shoot was also affected by this. It was a long 8-hour shoot for everyone, and in between brownouts, we all decided to take a rest instead of waiting impatiently. Despite all the hindrances in making this AVP, the Eight Productions team still managed to create this awesome video.

We would like to thank Brian and AJ of Dexterity Studio for giving us a special treatment every time we are there! 🙂


Make-up: Lloyd Salazar
Styled by: Christine Javellana
Location: Dexterity Studio by Brian Medija


Coron Wedding Photograher Near Me

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