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23 Feb 2013
Cotabato Wedding Photographer

Randy + Josie {Engagement Session}

This was the fastest booking in our career. They booked us 10 days before their wedding and we did the engagement session with only 4 days left before the big day. They didn’t have a concept in mind since their main concern was to get married before they left for abroad. Due to the time constraints and other things on their plates, we advised them to hire Swan Lake, an engagement stylist team to help with the bride’s clothes and […]

23 Feb 2013
Classic Wedding Photographer Davao

Ivan & Miki {wedding photos}

Ivan and Miki knew the exact date they wanted their dream wedding to be: 12-12-12. Since they also knew other marriage hopefuls had their eyes on the date, wedding preparations started a whole year before. Yes, Ivan and Miki booked us a year beforehand just to make sure they had every supplier they wanted for their wedding. We love how they both trusted Eight Productions for their wedding and left the photography and video aspects to us. Enjoy the photos! […]

12 Feb 2013
Corporate Photographer Davao

Vinjie + Art {wedding photos}

We showed you the opening billboard, showcased the onsite video and now, we know you’re just as excited to see how the actual wedding photos unfold the love story this enigmatic couple has to tell. Vinjie and Art had their dream garden wedding at “The View”. It was a Christian wedding and Art, the glowing bride, was filled with slight trepidation that the gloomy skies might bring rain. She had nothing to worry about though, because the Big Guy above gave His grace and kept […]

16 Jan 2013
Corporate Photographer Manila

Vinjie + Art {Opening Billboard}

Wedding Details: HERMOSO-ASILO NUPTIAL January 8, 2013 Wedding Preparation at The Marco Polo Davao Wedding Ceremony & Reception at The View Davao Make-up: Carmen Smith Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions View Onsite Video and blog post here – Opening Billboard is a series of photos fuse into a video –   Corporate Photographer Manila   Corporate Photographer Manila is Eight Productions!  You should check out our awesome portfolio right away now! You shouldn’t miss it […]

08 Jan 2013
Corporate Photographer Iloilo

Vinjie + Art {onsite video}

Eight Productions woke up to gloomy skies on January 8, 2013, but that didn’t dampen our excitement for the day that lay ahead. Art and Vinjie is a lovely couple whose love story was just like the tales of old – a beautiful, patient princess waiting for her perfect prince. The weather’s initial gloominess did nothing to affect the sheer, vibrant euphoria that the wedding exuded. The entourage looked beautiful in their dresses and suits, but as the bride walked […]

13 Dec 2012

Ivan + Miki {Onsite Video}

As a team, Eight Productions is always looking to push our limits and try something new for each wedding that comes our way. We decided to take on this wedding with a 100% photojournalistic approach — meaning there would be no retakes. We wanted to get the true essence of Ivan and Miki’s special day by simply capturing the events of the day as it unfolded — this left no room for mistakes, we had to make sure to be […]

10 Dec 2012

Bob & Che {wedding album}

It has definitely been a long wait, but our latest album line has finally arrived to home base! =) We usually let the client choose the photos for their wedding albums (since of course, they’re the ones keeping it), but Bob and Che gave Eight Productions the artistic freedom to choose which photos would best tell their fairy tale of a wedding – down to the album cover! It was a test of our artistic juices as we wanted to […]

28 Nov 2012

Dan & Val {Wedding Photos}

Catching up with our blogging is never easy (but we try!) =) Here’s another installment of our Davao Wedding Segment. Dan and Val has a great love story which first started at a company convention and ended.. with a wedding of course! Okay, so we don’t know their whole story, but they’re sweet and amazing so let’s go straight to the photos. Here’s to their “happily ever after” as a married couple =) Enjoy the wedding photos! PS. For their […]