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29 Jan 2018
Tagum Based Wedding Photographer

JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Photos}

Going to Banana Beach Hijo Plantation Tagum City and not knowing what to expect we had doubts in our mind on how to make this look good, but with the proper mindset of crafting everything to achieve that destination wedding vibe made us push our creative juice to look for new locations to the extent of having the couple rent out the speed boat which was unplanned. Banana Beach I could now say is truly one for those destination weddings, […]

29 May 2015
Who Is The Best Boracay Wedding Photographer

Adrian + Ling {Opening Billboard}

Our Surigao wedding was marvelous! We had lots of time to play with during the broken time (the time between the Ceremony and Reception). Check out this Opening Billboard (OBB) to see a preview the wedding, then make sure to stay tuned daily for their Engagement Photo AVP and Onsite Video.Adrian and Ling were very cooperative throughout their wedding. They were patient and understood the terms and conditions of every location and the procedure to take the photographs. You can […]

16 May 2013
Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer Philippines?

Totek + Neneng {Wedding Photos}

From tequila shots to tears this wedding had it all. The party mood set by the entourage put everyone in high spirits. This was the first wedding for the barkada (group of friends) and everyone got emotional when the bride walked down the aisle. To know our full post please visit their Opening Billboard HERE. To the great couple, Thank you very much for having us on your big day. We had a blast and thanks for the tequila shots […]

08 Apr 2013
Best Wedding In Davao

The Surprise Wedding | Vic + Laine {Wedding Photos}

Vic & Laine’s wedding was not an ordinary wedding. This was the first surprise wedding that our team shot. The whole story on this wedding could be found HERE. Its a new ball game for the crew. Everyone needed to listen to a “new” plan. Everyone was stead fast. On this wedding day our call time was a bit earlier than the usual since there was first a civil wedding. So while one team was at the civil wedding the […]

26 Feb 2013
Wedding Photographer Cotabato

Randy + Josie {Wedding Photos}

Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned. I woke up on the day of the wedding with great rain clouds looming in the sky. Nevertheless, rain or shine, we do what we do and I smiled knowing it would be a great day to conquer. A garden wedding plus the threat of rain presents the possibility of a bride’s worst nightmare. There was erratic rain fall throughout the day until around 2pm, the coordinator finally voiced out what everyone […]

23 Feb 2013
Classic Wedding Photographer Davao

Ivan & Miki {wedding photos}

Ivan and Miki knew the exact date they wanted their dream wedding to be: 12-12-12. Since they also knew other marriage hopefuls had their eyes on the date, wedding preparations started a whole year before. Yes, Ivan and Miki booked us a year beforehand just to make sure they had every supplier they wanted for their wedding. We love how they both trusted Eight Productions for their wedding and left the photography and video aspects to us. Enjoy the photos! […]

12 Feb 2013
Corporate Photographer Davao

Vinjie + Art {wedding photos}

We showed you the opening billboard, showcased the onsite video and now, we know you’re just as excited to see how the actual wedding photos unfold the love story this enigmatic couple has to tell. Vinjie and Art had their dream garden wedding at “The View”. It was a Christian wedding and Art, the glowing bride, was filled with slight trepidation that the gloomy skies might bring rain. She had nothing to worry about though, because the Big Guy above gave His grace and kept […]

16 Jan 2013
Corporate Photographer Manila

Vinjie + Art {Opening Billboard}

Wedding Details: HERMOSO-ASILO NUPTIAL January 8, 2013 Wedding Preparation at The Marco Polo Davao Wedding Ceremony & Reception at The View Davao Make-up: Carmen Smith Davao Wedding Photographer: Eight Productions Davao Wedding Videographer: Eight Productions View Onsite Video and blog post here – Opening Billboard is a series of photos fuse into a video –   Corporate Photographer Manila   Corporate Photographer Manila is Eight Productions!  You should check out our awesome portfolio right away now! You shouldn’t miss it […]