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05 Jan 2019

Elementor #5575

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11 May 2018
Best Coron Wedding Photographer

Angel XIII {El Nido Photos}

Best Coron Wedding Photographer In the beginning when we were starting off with photography, we got models for fun photo shoots and this is where we learned the basics. Then one day we got into the wedding industry and debut celebrations came with it. During our shoot in El Nido it brought us back to those great memories of shooting models that knew know how to pose, walk, smile and stare into the camera. It was such an easy shoot […]

11 Apr 2018
Gensan Prenup Wedding Photographer

Jeremy and Johanna {Pre-Wedding Photos}

Jeremy and Johanna, known to most of their friends as Mimi and Hannah planned on having their pre wedding shoot in General Santos City, but considering a lot of their guess were coming from their home town they decided to have their pre wedding shoot in Davao City. The concept of the wedding shoot was both indoor and outdoor. The indoor shoot was done at The Concept Studio by Cheeky. This was a fun shoot with a great set! The […]

08 Dec 2017
Davao Prenup Photographer

Val + Cathy {Engagement Photos}

It was an exciting Pre-Wedding photo shoot, a unique one for us. It’s our first time to include the kids in a session. We love the family photo shoot concept for a pre-wedding. The kids were excited, participative and most of all, enjoying the photo session with their parents. We had a wonderful time with the family as you can see in their Pre-Wedding Photos. We thought at first that it’s going to be a different approach compared to younger […]

07 Jun 2016
Bataan Based Wedding Photographer

John + Bash {Onsite Photo}

Today we introduce something that challenged our artistic spirit. Something newly acquired from the recent Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI 2016) Convention in Las Vegas, USA. A fusion of classic film and modern photos, as easy as it looks, it is actually difficult to execute. It would have been simpler to produce if this was an engagement session, because we had the luxury of time to edit it. But to play it before dinner time – was the challenge, […]

19 Jan 2016
Boracay Prenup Photographer

Boracay Pre-Wedding | Taru and Ayu

 Boracay Prenup  Photographer   Looking for Boracay Prenup Photographer? Now this is the page! Most of the travel junkies all over the world have heard amazing things about Boracay. This small island in the Philippines has earned its bragging right by getting an enormous amount of attention from the media and social networking sites as one of the world’s top island destinations. With its magnificent, powdered and almost sugary looking sand, Boracay’s white beach is the focal point of excitement […]

24 Dec 2015
Coron Wedding Photograher Near Me

JM + Sherill {Stop Motion Prenup Video}

A year ago, JM and Sherill made it certain to have Eight Productions on their wedding day. The couple then decided to have a stop-motion pre-wedding video. Sherill, the bride, did most of the planning, from the selection of the song, timing and even made all the props necessary for the shoot. On the day of the shoot, it was obvious that JM and Sherill were prepared and ready for the making of the stop-motion video. Unfortunately, the city has […]

17 Nov 2015
Wedding Photographer Maldives Near Me

Tom + Quennie {Prenup Photos} | Dahilayan Bukidnon

Today, we feature you our breeze filled destination Engagement Session in Dahilayan, Bukidnon. The magnificent location has been in our list of great places to shoot at, Tom and Quennie made it happened when they decided to have their pre-wedding shoot here. While arriving at the location and getting off our vehicle, we knew that this session will be a walk in the park because of the great location, the stylish wardrobe, the lovely couple and a mix of creativity […]