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29 Jan 2018
Best Tagum Wedding Photographer

JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Video}

The most “chill lang” couple that we have ever shot. We didn’t do their engagement photo shoot, we only met them once months before the wedding when they booked. This is our story. “Chill lang” – That was the first word of the groom stated on their wedding day. JC, who is also a photographer we thought we would be pressured since he know lighting and all, but thankfully he was the one that understood how we do our craft. […]

29 Jan 2018
Tagum Based Wedding Photographer

JC + Kristine {Tagum Banana Beach Onsite Photos}

Going to Banana Beach Hijo Plantation Tagum City and not knowing what to expect we had doubts in our mind on how to make this look good, but with the proper mindset of crafting everything to achieve that destination wedding vibe made us push our creative juice to look for new locations to the extent of having the couple rent out the speed boat which was unplanned. Banana Beach I could now say is truly one for those destination weddings, […]

15 Sep 2015
Wedding Photographer Tagum

Robert + Maribic {Prenup Video}

In Eight Productions, we highly value the wants and needs of the couple and we always try our best to make everything possible. Robert and Maribic were asked by our creative team on the concept of their Engagement Session Video, and they answered: we just want to have fun. So like a genie granting their wish, we conceptualized a video that would give them a great time and end up having the session in a beach – Secdea Resort, Samal […]