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09 Jul 2017
Best Wedding Photographer Tagaytay

Rommel + Tanya {Wedding Onsite Video}

It was a industrial themed wedding and everyone was really amazed on its beautiful uniqueness. We really love the timeline of the wedding because when we stepped in to the hotel room, the bride was already done with make up and ready for the shoot and in that case, we can easily maximize our time as well. The bride, Tanya, was really gorgeous. The bridal glow was really shown in her aura the entire day. The groom, Rommel, on the […]

04 Jul 2017
Tagaytay Based Wedding Photographer

Rommel + Tanya {Japan Engagement Video}

We were excited to present this magnificent Japan Engagement Film of Rommel and Tanya because it was the first time that we did a pre-wedding video shoot outside the country. For two days of shooting, we did not just admire the wonders of Japan but we even more appreciated the hearts of the lovely couple who were really passionate to make the outcome of this session worthwhile. We cannot express our feelings on how we really fell in love with […]

04 Jul 2017
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Mark + Khat {Wedding Onsite Video}

It was an intimate wedding of Mark and Khat and all of their loved ones really showed their support especially those guests from United Kingdom and Japan. All of the nervousness and weariness in preparing this wedding turned into fun and excitement on their very special day. Mark and Khat were such a wonderful couple and they were hands-on in everything about their wedding to make sure that all is in the perfect place. They have a great taste in […]

03 Jul 2017

Rommel + Tanya {Japan Engagement Photos}

It was the very first time we had a shoot in Japan and this was a wonderful unique experience that is why we really thank Rommel and Tanya for bringing us to this majestic place. We have appreciated much the culture of Japan thanks to the lovely couple. For two consecutive days of shooting, they brought us to a lot of great touristy spots in Japan that wowed us unstoppably. We also appreciated the effort of the couple that even […]

01 Jul 2017
Affordable Prenup Photographer Tagaytay

Mark + Khat {Engagement BTS}

What a great day of fun and high fashion for Mark and Khat. At first, they really don’t know how and where to do the prenup shoot. All we are thinking was a new spice in the eyes of many. On the day of the shoot, Khat was very concerned about her looks when she came in but her photos turned out into stunning and phenomenal. We would also like to commend their fabulous wardrobes, and their wonderful moods. We […]

31 Mar 2015
Who Is The Best Wedding Photographer Tagaytay

Benson + June {Onsite Video}

It’s our first time to shoot a wedding with the most Chinese relatives speaking in their native language. The language barrier did not stop us from having a great time, with the help of the bridesmaids to translate for us. A lot of moments were hard to miss, as everyone were so relaxed and took their own time to prepare for the big moment. And let us not forget the anticipation of the entrance of the bride with the sunset […]

27 Mar 2015
Who Is The Best Tagaytay Wedding Photographer

Benson + June {Tagaytay Highlands Pre-Wedding Shoot}

A combination of great experience and fun filled shoot would define this Tagaytay Prenup Session. To start with, we would like to thank Benson and June and their family for making sure we had a great time during the trip. They served us the best steak experience for lunch and even better Chinese lauriat dinner. The shoot was spontaneous and they wanted the photos to be relaxed and our first bride that wanted to look “normal”, but everyone knows that […]