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03 Oct 2018

Jef & Rachelle {Onsite Video}

Jeffrey and Rachelle { Onsite Video } Cel and Jef had this they perfect the way they wanted it to be, even if they had to move the wedding date earlier it still turned out flawless. We would like to thank the great couple for this chance to cover this big day. Cheers! — PLEASE VIEW IN HD — Music licensed via Song Freedom  Wedding Details Photo & Video: Eight Productions Event Organizer – Alter-Moderne Events Co. | Rex […]

28 Sep 2018

Aron & Dee {Onsite Video}

Aron & Dee { Onsite Video } Aron & Dee researched and had this day well planned out and even if they had the money to pay upfront they still entered our Pre-wedding contest and with all the effort made they won with the help of their friends. Going to their big day, they had something different for their wedding when they didn’t inform anyone where the reception would be so everyone would be in the Church. Gladly that plan […]

27 Sep 2018

Milton & Le-an {Onsite Video}

Milton & Le-an { Onsite Video } After witnessing a number of luxurious weddings, how can we appreciate one from the other? In this wedding, we found the answer. It was the balance of all the details that made this big day a memorable one. Other wedding couples would only focus on some (like the gown, decoration, or the things they really love), but with Milton and Le-an, they had it all out. From Le-an and her bridesmaids’ unique make-up […]

15 Sep 2018

Ben & Sep {Onsite Video}

Ben & Sep { Onsite Video } Ben & Sep got married on November 11, which in numerical form is 11/11 – a symbol of “Synchronicity.” During the wedding, everyone had a synchronized vibe. It started with a day full of smiles… until the moment the bride was about to walk the aisle. Suddenly, the smiles faded and turned to tears (of joy) – an expression of genuine love and happiness for the couple. Then, during the reception, it started […]

22 Aug 2018

Ferdie & Chen {Onsite Video}

Ferdie & Chen {Onsite Video} Please view in HD   

18 Aug 2018

Pao & Anj {Onsite Video}

Pao & Anj {Onsite Video} When to Attorneys become one the whole justice department will surely be there to witness.  Preparation: Eden Nature Park & Resort Church: St. Michael The Archangel Chapel Make-up bride: Xana Patal Gown: Benjie Panizales Grooms suit: Mango Invitation: Crafter’s Haven Coordinator: El Bonita Events Decorator: Noel Tanza Mobile bar: The Bar Master Host: Atty. Vincent Juan Photo booth: Party Magic; Mirror Photobooth by PrintLife Photo and Video: Eight Productions  

17 Aug 2018

Dondi & Cha {Onsite Video}

Dondi & Cha {Onsite Video} A wonderful wedding filled by their squad and lots of love!   

09 Aug 2018

Mark & Pechy {Onsite Video}

Mark & Pechy {Onsite Video} This civil wedding was only 3 weeks in the making, everything made fairytale-like as the bride wanted it to be. Please view in HD.  Wedding Details Photo and Video: Eight Productions Theme: Cherry Blossoms Garden Wedding Preparation: Marco Polo Ceremony & Reception: The White House Make-up bride: Emmanuel Concepcion Hair Stylist: Enrico Louis Gabato Gown: 1st Gown Chico Estiva 2nd Gown Alesi 3rd Gown Maizy Coleen Robe & Veil: Jana Janeo Grooms suit: 1st […]