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24 Feb 2020

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video}

Chip + Gauxgine {Onsite Video} I will be your constant You will never be alone I will be your home These were just a few of the beautifully spoke words at Chip and Gauxgine’s wedding. Their vows for each other sounded like a love story in its self. We usually aim for a 4-minute video, but with all the great moments, stories and words of this wedding, there were just too many and we couldn’t keep them out. Even all […]

19 Dec 2019

Junn & Abby {Onsite Video}

On any dream wedding, the couple especially the bride wants things flawless but there are circumstances that we could not control such as the weather. We expected the bride to be disappointed at some point, but Abby wasn’t a concern in any way as she is a woman of grace. The couple still managed to walk the aisle and continued the ceremony indoors and everything went as planned. From Dubai shoot to Davao wedding we would like to thank the […]

08 Oct 2019

Jun & Ivy {Wedding Video}

On this last installment on Jun & Ivy’s wedding, we would like to thank everyone from their family and friends to the entourage that we had a great time all day long. Jun & Ivy are both incredible inside and out. Everyone was thrilled to witness this union of both families. Without further ado, we proudly share Jun and Ivy’s wedding. Please view in HD.  #IVYlongtoJUNforever #EightProductions #LuxuryWeddings #heARTcrafted Photo and Video: Eight Productions Full Coordination: Vern Events Coordination […]

17 Sep 2019

Luxury Weddings

Every bride is made the Queen! Are you the Queen?  www.eightproductions.com #EightProductions #heARTcrafted

10 Sep 2019

Glenn & April {Onsite Video}

As we are used to shooting catholic weddings, always a military wedding has something special to stand out. It has this stature of class that heroes of our country truly represents. Take a sneak peak of Glenn and April’s wedding. Please view in HD. Cheers!  Photo and Video by Eight Productions Decorated by Golden Touch #MilitaryWedding #EightProductions #LuxuryWeddings #heARTcrafted

02 Sep 2019

Francis & Son {Onsite Video}

“How I Met My Other” Francis & Son {Onsite Video} #SONtobeTATETs #SONTETeverafter  Wedding Details Photo and Video: Eight Productions Preparation: Pinnacle Hotel and Suites Church: St. Francis of Assisi Parish Reception: Tulip Grand Plaza Make-up bride: Otoi Mercado Make-up entourage : Candless Amistoso Gown: Emi Englis (Emi Alexander Luxxe Couture) Bridal Shoes : Christian Louboutin Bridal Hair Clip : Francis Libiran Bridal Gallery Grooms suit: Emi Englis (Emi Alexander Luxxe Couture) Bridal Car: 1980 Mini Cooper by Khan Invitation: […]

05 Jul 2019

Patrick & Kate {Onsite Video}

Patrick & Kate {Onsite Video} Going to the wedding of Patrick and Kate was an instant click! We did not shoot beforehand, but still, friendship sparked in an instance with the couple and their gang. On how everyone was smiling during the preps, equivalent tears fell as the ceremony started and they stated their heartfelt vows. Truly we are blessed to have witnessed this union first hand. Thank you again to Pat and Kate and to the whole family. We […]

27 Jun 2019

David & Jasmine {Onsite Video}

David & Jasmine {Onsite Video} We waited for the USA wedding before posting this. It was such a great event. Everything was smooth and both families are just filled with greatness. Thank you again for having us we had a blast shooting this day.  Photo & Video: Eight Productions Venue: Marco Polo Hotel Davao Stylist: Noel Tanza Golden Touch Coordinator: Korine Navarro Emcee: Don Gonzales Spinner: Dominic Manito Bride’s MUA: Otoi Mercado Hair: Jessie Corsiga Entourage MUA: Rodni Noel […]