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It was indeed a great “Wed on a Wed” (Wedding on a Wednesday) when everyone composed themselves for a very significant event. Michael, Venus together with baby Zion were excited to walk down the aisle. A moment everyone was waiting for, to start their endless journey. It’s Affordable Rizal Wedding Photographer chance to make this wedding Read more ..

It was a day filled with emotions, friendship, and happiness. Raymart and Rassel were able to walk through the aisle towards the altar with pride, faith, and devotion. In front of their family, they have shown their deepest sincerity and honesty to express their hearts to each other. The team from Eight Productions got to Read more ..

Shooting at Eden Nature Park is always easy, and the only worry was the bad weather, rain and fog. This day lady luck was on our side. We had a great weather all throughout the day and it was an easy click, and the time line was way ahead of our schedule. Ample time to Read more ..

Experiencing having a private island as your Engagement Shoot location should be on every photographer’s bucket list. John and Bash took the team back once again to Island Buenevista. Photographing the couple is one magical experience and hardly no words can describe it. The combination of great location and beautiful subjects made this shoot easy Read more ..